About me

I’m an electrical engineer with a programming background and a keen interest in systems, security and automation.

I like exploring new technologies and finding out how things work. In the past I’ve looked at and used a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks; I’ve delved into assembly through reverse engineering, and later by writing the elementary instructions for my own x86 operating system; and I’ve designed and produced my own circuit boards and hardware assemblies.

Contacting me

You can email me using the address me at sigsec.net.

I’m also reachable via a number of other platforms; links for these are in the footer. If they’re not visible for you, temporarily disable your adblocker and they should appear.

Site information

This blog is built using Jekyll. The theme is based upon Minimal Mistakes, but I’ve made several adjustments to it so it won’t look quite the same out-of-the-box.